About Us

ITW Formex® is a global manufacturer of innovative electrical insulating materials for electronics manufacturing and high voltage electrical applications. The company has 30 years experience in providing Formex™ polypropylene electrical insulating materials and Statex™ static dissipating material for use in a wide variety of applications ranging from automotive batteries to industrial equipment and consumer electronics applications. No other flame retardant electrical insulation can equal the performance and versatility of Formex™ for cost-effective fabricated parts. Many engineers have cut significant cost from their designs by replacing a variety of injected molded parts, electrical papers and thermoplastic materials. Formex™ Insulation Material was developed by the ITW Technology Center in 1985. Headquartered near Chicago, ITW Formex® provides technical and sales assistance, distribution, and production globally from multiple locations in the United States and Asia.

ITW Corporation is a Fortune 200 Company with headquarters in Glenview, Illinois, and has more than hundreds of divisions independent operating divisions in over 50 countries. ITW is an innovative company with many patented inventions including the common self-locking plastic buckle, six-pack securement rings, zipper bag technology and many others.