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Carol Stream, IL — March 19, 2018  

Contact: Jamie Li, Product Manager  
ITW Formex® is proud to launch three new products: Formex™ N3, Formex™ GL and Formex™ GS.
Formex™ N3 is a halogen-free, flame retardant, polycarbonate electrical insulation material. Leveraging ITW’s proprietary technology, Formex™ N3 polycarbonate films provide exceptional dielectric insulation at significantly reduced material thickness. Its thin gauge, along with its non-halogenated formulation, makes Formex™ N3 the material of choice in electronics applications where device miniaturization and environmental consciousness are among the high priorities. Like the Formex® polypropylene product lines, Formex™ N3 can easily be scored and folded into three-dimensional shapes. This makes Formex™ N3 a component material that is form-factor friendly.  
Formex™ GL is the newest formulation of flame retardant polypropylene electrical insulation material from ITW Formex®. Available in 0.017 inch and 0.010 inch thicknesses, Formex™ GL shares the same exceptional reliability and durability as its Formex™ GK counterparts while offering further enhanced temperature rating. Formex™ GL provides a viable alternative to Formex™ GK when applications require a thinner gauge material that offers superior temperature tolerance.  
Formex™ GS is a resilient static dissipative material that serves as an electrical barrier to both insulate and protect electronic components from electrostatic discharge. When Formex™ GS comes in contact with a static electrical charge, it safely dissipates the charge across the surface of the material to a ground. Formex™ GS replaces Formex™ Statex. 



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